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So many people ask where the inspiration for my art comes from, and the true answer is that it all began with comics. I studied literature in college with a focus on how including pictures helps tell a story, so it's safe to say I've always been a pretty big nerd about the whole thing. While going through my (giant) personal collection of comics and graphic novels, I found many duplicates of my most favorite books that I had been gifted or purchased a few times over. Those favorites are what I'm sharing with you in this collection.
As you click through the listings, you'll see a description of what inspires me about each book; what I feel is interesting, important or how it affected my art. The purchasing option is available to you if you want to add one of these favorites to your own collection, but otherwise enjoy reading about some of the comics that have inspired me the most through the years.

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Enter the Observatory

As a token for your travels, bring home a one of a kind original artwork by the the artist behind the Spooky Girl universe, Andi.

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